Nightreport.org is a teaching tool designed to incorporate media and decrease the preparation time for case based teaching on internal medicine wards. The cases and chalk talks are focused on the diagnostic work-up and management of medicine patients admitted overnight. The cases come from the University of Washington, which serves as a quatenary care center for a 5 state region. We care for a diverse population with a broad spectrum of diseases but we specialize on rare and complex diseases, advanced organ failure and transplant medicine.

The nature of medical education is evolving with technology and the transition to more condensed shifts during residency training. Unfortunately, residents on night shifts commonly miss out on the formal education of daytime conferences and morning report. At the University of Washington we instituted a nightly teaching conference, called UW Night report, which is run by the various GIM and sub-specialty (cardiology, heme/onc, medical and surgical ICU) nocturnist attendings. All residents on night shifts for medicine and sub-specialty services meet at midnight for 20-30 minutes of structured case based teaching.

There are two basic formats for night report teaching, mystery cases with a diagnostic challenge and chalk talks providing a framework for approaching a particular problem. Please refer to the How to Use page for more details on how to best use this website as a teaching tool. We are in the process of updating old posts to fit a consistent format and are digitizing all graphics. We expect this will be completed by January, 2018.

Brandon Fainstad, MD
Yilin Zhang, MD
Neha Deshpande, MD