About the Editors

Brandon Fainstad, MD

Brandon started nightreport.org in 2014 while working as a nocturnist at University of Washington Medical Center. His vision was to formalize nighttime clinical education and to create an online teaching platform that would decrease the barrier to teaching. He is now a daytime hospitalist but continues to be an active editor and contributor to UW Night Report. 

Yilin Zhang, MD

Yilin is a hospitalist/nocturnist that joined the UW Night Report team in 2016. She has a focused interest in medical education - in particular, how to incorportate technology and online teaching tools into everyday teaching and how to simplistically present complex medical information. She is an avid reader of the medical literature and is an amateur artist in her free time. 

Neha Deshpande, MD

Neha is the newest member of the UW Night Report editorial team. She completed Internal Medicine residency at the UW in 2017 and is currently working at a hospitalist/nocturnist at UWMC. 


Lauren Brown, MD

Lauren is a hospitalist at the UWMC and former chief resident of the UW Internal Medicine residency program. During her time as chief resident, she collected a huge repository of clinical images and cases and is working on adding these to buttress our "Clinical Images" postings.

Eric LaMotte, MD

Eric is a hospitalist at UWMC and the creator of OslerCast, an internal medicine podcast (check it out!). He serves as the technological consultant for UW Night Report, helping us streamline our website and reach a broader audience.

Shannon McConnaughey, MD

Shannon is a current chief resident for the UW Internal Medicine residency program. As chief resident, she comes across many interesting clinical images and cases and has helped contribute to our "Clinical images" and "Cases" postings!